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What Are You Doing This Summer? | EPCWO Mission Trips

EPC World Outreach is hosting three mission trips this summer for EPC members that want to learn how to love their Muslim neighbors and be the fragrance of Jesus. Our hope is that these experiences will equip participants to imitate thoughtful outreach among neighbors within their own contexts and cities for the sake of God’s glory and His Kingdom.



Summer Mission Jam is an mission and equipping conference for High School students, serving among Afghan, Bangladeshi, Yemeni, Iraqi, and Pakistani peoples in America’s diverse neighborhoods of Hamtramck, MI and Sacramento, CA.

These two mission trips are unique opportunities for students to learn more about Muslims and how to interact in a way that loves our neighbors and honors our Savior. Learn more on our website.

SMJ Hamtramck
Dates: July 13-18, 2020
Cost: $475/person
Church Registration Fee: $250*
Lodging: Wayne State University

SMJ Sacramento
Dates: July 20-25, 2020
Cost: $350/person
Church Registration Fee: $250*
Lodging: Fremont Presbyterian Church

Hear from students at last year’s Summer Mission Jam, as they reflect on the trip and how it impacted their thinking. Please note: for the safety and security of our global partners, please do not share this video on social media. Email us for the password.


Experience WO is a short-term missions trip to the Muslim communities near San Diego, for EPC members that want to love their Muslim neighbors but aren’t sure how. You’ll spend this week interacting with, and investing in, families from the El Cajon community. This is a fantastic mission trip for families, individuals, and groups. Learn more on our website.


Experience WO: El Cajon

Dates: July 5-10, 2020
Cost: $330/person
Church Registration Fee: $250*
Lodging: Host Families of Covenant EPC in San Diego


Have questions about Summer Mission Jam and Experience WO?
Check our website for more information: SMJ 2020 | Experience WO 2020.
Email our registrar, Cassie Shultz

If you know of anyone that might be interested in attending Summer Mission Jam,  we invite you to pass it along and share on social media!

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The Power of Prayer | November 2019

Dear friends,

V was famous in his Pakistan community as a star cricket player … and for gambling. But as he became more and more involved with a new cricket club called Serve Pakistan that emphasized spiritual training as much as physical training, his life was transformed. Earlier this year V was approached by a family in the community, whose teenage daughter was demon possessed. They had exhausted all previous hope of healing for their daughter but pleaded for V’s help. V gathered some of his cricket club teammates to join him in days of prayer and fasting, then began to pray with the girl and her father. During this intense hour of prayer, the girl was delivered from evil through the power of Christ!

In 2014 A founded Serve Pakistan Cricket (SPC), which has now multiplied into 10 cricket clubs which meet regularly to play cricket, fellowship, pray, worship and receive mentoring. SPC bridges religious divides, teaches cricket skills, and transforms the lives of young men.

As the network of cricket clubs has grown, so has the need for a more permanent ministry center, where spiritual and physical training can be provided. The proposed ministry center/business, Serve Pakistan Farming Services (SPFS) will be able to provide ongoing, in-country financial support for Serve Pakistan Cricket, as well as offering potential to a wide range of community development programs for the village of Clarkabad and the surrounding area. IBAM (International Business as Missions – the arm of EPC World Outreach that works to use business as a means to share the gospel) is collaborating closely with A to make this dream a reality.

To learn more about the ministry of Serve Pakistan, send us an email!

Written in coordination with A.

How Can You Participate?

About the Punjabi of Pakistan

If you feel called to pray for the Punjabi of Pakistan, or would like to learn more, download our free prayer card. We would be happy to send these to you to pass out to friends and church members, as well – just send us an email.

for Serve Pakistan

Make a commitment to pray weekly for SPFS. Pray for the process of buying the land, building the walls, hiring new local staff, working with local government regulations, building buildings, buying tractor and implements, pray for A as he continues making local contacts in Clarkabad.

A to Speak

Help us advertise this ministry project and invite A to speak with your local congregation. We would be happy to join you in your local congregation via skype to share this ministry vision in person. Email us to get in touch.