Partner with World Outreach

There are many ways that individuals, families, groups, and churches can partner with World Outreach to walk alongside our global workers and serve our Muslim neighbors here in the U.S., too.

Support Networks

Partner with EPC WO global workers on the field as they share the love of Christ and spread the gospel.

Kairos Course

A nine-session course that helps transform worldviews so that the believer understands God’s purpose for every cultural group in the world, including those that still have few or no churches.

WO Workshop

Connecting with Your Muslim Neighbors is a six-week online workshop where you will learn how to foster and create meaningful, ongoing relationships with Muslims in your communities or in nearby communities.

Missions Cohort

A space for like-minded young adults to meet and discern their path forward in missions.

Help Reach the 3 Billion 

(Over) 100 ways you, your family, and your church can help reach the 3 billion living in spiritual darkness.

US/INTL Partner Network

Connect with other EPC members who live in the US but have deep partnerships with ministries overseas.

Connecting Mission Leaders Conference

Bringing together pastors, mission directors, lay leaders, and mission enthusiasts in October 2024.

Bridging the Gap: Muslim Outreach Seminar

A weekend seminar for EPC churches, designed to help congregations learn how to reach out to Muslim people in compassionate and confident witness.

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