Starting your journey in missions begins with a few steps first:

Consider these opportunities to gain experience among the least reached.


4 to 12 weeks

Join a few EPC World Outreach Workers who have been working among Buddhists, particularly Tibetan Buddhist, for many years. This internship will change your worldview as you grasp the struggles and challenges of a people whose culture has suffered for generations.


• Sports

• Nursing

• Accounting

• Business

This location is alongside one of our Engage2025 field teams. They have a few openings for those who have interest in the area of Mari culture and marine sciences. The location, though tropical, will be one of challenge. Seeking up to 3 people who would come to help establish this
oceanic hatchery work.

• Marine Biology

• Environmental Science

• Mariculture

• Business

In the northern foothills, and in the center
of a Hindu religious area, a unique IT (Information Technology) company has begun and is growing rapidly. This team has summer openings for 4 people who would like experiences and challenges both educationally and physically in one of Indias more popular tourist regions.

• Cyber Security

• Computer Science

• Business

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