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This list of missionaries who are in need of additional support includes missionaries who are in the process of raising support to go to the field and missionaries currently serving who, because of higher costs or a loss of supporters, need additional funds to remain on the field.   Would you please give strong consideration to adding these members of our EPC World Outreach family to your mission’s budget, or increasing your support of those you currently support?



Dave and Wendy A*    Far East/East Asia / Discipleship  –  $700

Bruce and Ellie Anderson  US/Belarus  / ITEN    –  $650

Paul and Elizabeth Branch   Guatemala / Theo. Education  –  $1,000

Asaph & Lynn D*  South Asia / Church Planting  –  $600

John and Dawn F*  Asia  / Church Planting – $400

Ken and Wendy F*   East Asia  / Church Planting  –  $100

Robby and Joyce H*   US/Middle East  / Church Planting  –  $1,000

Bob and Nancy H*   Central Asia  / Medical Ministry  –  $700

Stephen and Belinda K.   US/Muslim World  / ITEN – $800

Matt and Michelle K*   South Asia  / Church Planting  –  $1,000

John and Carlene M*   SE Asia  /  Church Planting  –  $300

George and Cynthia P*   East Asia / Church Planting-  $350

Tezar and Tatiana P*  SE Asia / Church Planting-  $1,000

Phil and Diane Thrash   US / Mobilization  –  $1,000

Dan Tidwell   US / Communications  –  $1,000

Moving from Short-Term to Long-Term Status

Ben and Ellie C*   US/South Asia  /  Church Planting  –  $1,400

Stephanie Black   Ireland/Global  /  Global Theological Education  –  $400



Scott and Colleen B*    Church Planting UK

Jacqy K*   Church Planting Middle East

Greg M*   Church Planting Middle East

Elizabeth S*   Church Planting Middle East

*Last name not used for security reasons

Updated January, 2018

To help provide for these missionaries’ critical needs…  1) Click on BUTTON on right that takes you to the donate page  2) Click on the drop-down menu and choose missionary by name. Second drop-down field will appear. 3) Click on the second drop-down field and find missionary name you wish to support 4) Fill-in amount of gift to right of drop-down menus and click ADD. 5) Fill-in your personal information.  6) Check if this is one-time or recurring gift and date to start.  7) Indicate method of payment, fill-in appropriate account information and authorize payment. 8) Click SUBMIT. When payment is processed you will see a transaction ID# and receive a receipt via email.

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