International Disaster Relief Fund

International Disaster Relief Fund

Donations to the International Disaster Relief Fund will be used to help alleviate suffering when needs arise around the world that are outside the scope of the EPC Emergency Relief Fund (domestic), used for situations in North America. Donations are forwarded to EPC World Outreach workers “on the ground” in affected areas, international ministry partners, or to other appropriate agencies and organizations at the discretion of EPC leadership.

As of May 2023 all donations to the International Diaster Relief Fund are being sent to support the following needs. WO leadership is staying in close contact with workers in each of these regions to determine the most effective use of donations.

 WO workers in Eastern Europe and elsewhere who are serving the vast Ukranian refugee population that is fleeing the     country
 Our partners in Sierra Leone to aid in rebuilding efforts buildings damaged by both fire and rain.
 WO workers and partner ministries (Timothy Two Project International and The Outreach Foundation) in Turkey and     Syria who are serving those devestated by the recent earthquakes.

You can donate to EPC international Disaster relief by using:

 The secure form below.
 Text-to-give on your smart device by texting “epcidr” to 50155.
 Check—put “EPC International Disaster Relief (498)” on the memo line, and send to:

Evangelical Presbyterian Church
5850 T.G. Lee, Blvd., Suite 510
Orlando, FL 32822

Donations that exceed local recovery requests may be held to be used for future international disaster relief needs.

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