Cultivating Kingdom Partnerships | the Reach May 2024

Dear Friends,

The idea was to partner with a small African village to help build a church, to join in a mutual ministry of encouragement and prayer continents apart. But how does a small rural church of less than 100 members start the journey of making that happen? We had no full-time missions director, and we’d never taken an international short-term missions trip. It seemed a bit daunting. Eventually a friend of a friend introduced me to Carol, the missions director of a larger church about an hour from our own. Carol said, “It just so happens we’re going to Africa in six weeks. You want to come?!”
Fast forward about fifteen years, and not only did we partner to build a church with the nationals in Africa, we partnered with another church in our own presbytery, taking not just one mission trip together, but three. Carol and I developed a friendship that led to collaboration and idea sharing, blessing both our own congregations and many of the missions we supported together.
Presbytery Meetings and General Assembly are such remarkable opportunities to bring Teaching and Ruling Elder Commissioners together, not only for the business of the church, but especially for mutual encouragement, collaboration, and idea sharing. Wouldn’t it be great if we had that kind of opportunity for the missions leaders in our EPC churches?
The Connecting Mission Leader Conference is just that! It brings together lay leaders, missions directors, pastors, and mission enthusiasts – providing opportunities for missiological reflection, worship, prayer, building relationships for new collaboration in mission, and sharing best practices. EPC World Outreach has partnered with Frontier Fellowship, The Antioch Partners, The Outreach Foundation, and others to plan and offer the biennial conference for mission leaders, this year to be held at Hope Church (EPC) in Memphis, Tennessee, October 24th to 26th.

Whether you lead missions in a small church, are on staff at a large church, or just feel a passion for God’s mission for the world, you are invited and encouraged to attend, make connections, share, and be inspired.

This year’s theme is the Whole Church, taken from the Lausanne Covenant, including the phrase, “evangelization requires the whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole world.” In reflecting on what is meant by the ‘Whole Church,’ Matthew Ellison, plenary speaker and president of Sixteen:Fifteen, will bring the perspective that the Great Commission is for everyone sitting in our pews. Missions isn’t just for the few God calls to go around the world; missions is for all believers! Whether by praying, sending, welcoming, mobilizing, going around the world, or going across the street, the Great Commission is for all of us. We have been blessed to be a blessing—to be used by God to take the whole gospel to the whole world.

Looking at the ‘Whole Church’ from the perspective of all generations, Rev. Dr. Lisa Pak, Finishing the Task and Operational Catalyst for the Kingdom Impact Network, will share her own passion for mobilizing the global church, especially the rising generations, towards collaboration in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with all who have yet to hear. As we invest in younger believers, as the world is changing, and as we work to reach the unreached, how do we disciple, encourage, and prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the Great Commission? What do we have to learn from them? What synergies can be found by working together? And how can we sustain a long-term call to missions that continues from one generation to the next while trusting in Jesus’ promise to be with us always, to the end of the age?

The third plenary speaker will explore the ‘Whole Church’ from the perspective of all nations. As we enter a new era of missions, how can the global church partner to bring the whole gospel to the whole world? Inspiring the global church, to fully embrace its calling to share the news that is truly good, both in word and deed, at home and around the globe, is the subject of the third plenary. P* founded a youth movement dedicated to fostering reconciliation and leadership development in his homeland, which burgeoned to encompass over 25,000 young adults during the country’s post-civil conflict period. This movement ignited similar initiatives in over 10 other nations grappling with violence and turmoil. Today, the youth leaders of these movements are championing hope in their respective regions, guided by principles of forgiveness and love for their neighbors. P is renowned worldwide as a speaker, driven by his passion for hope and reconciliation rooted in the Gospel, and he inspires young people within the faith to embrace their mission of being witness to the Good News through both word and action on a global scale.

So, what happens in between the plenaries? Worship, prayer, networking, break-out sessions, meals, and time for fellowship. Perhaps you’ll find a new colleague and friend to plan a short-term trip with. Perhaps you’ll be inspired with new ideas to mobilize all the believers in your church to be on mission with God. Perhaps God will lead you to new ways to disciple the next generation for the Great Commission. Whatever God might be calling you to do next as a missions leader in your church, we invite you to come together, to connect, to be inspired, and to inspire others.

You can find registration details here. We hope you’ll mark your calendars now and plan to join us in October for the Connecting Mission Leader Conference. 

– Nancy Cimprich, EPC World Outreach Church Engagement Coordinator

Upcoming Opportunities for You and Your Congregation

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World Outreach Annual Report | The Reach August 2022

Dear friends,

Catching divine glimpses into the work God is doing in and through EPC World Outreach has been an incredible privilege.

A significant focus this year since stepping into my role has been the development of the new World Outreach master plan and mission statement. The process used in drafting this version was unique in its history with extensive research and engagement utilized in order to involve WO global workers, key stakeholders, mission leaders, the World Outreach Committee (WOC) and the National Leadership Team (NLT). It was a seven-month, prayer-filled process, discerning the Lord’s continued call for us.

In the Annual Report, you’ll learn more about EPC World Outreach through numerical snapshots of what God is doing through our global work. You’ll also find three stories that capture the heart of our 5 strategic priorities of Prayer, Least Access Peoples, Partnership and Sending, Word and Deed, and Church Engagement. They are but a sampling of the faithfulness of our God, our global workers in their call and our EPC church partners.

May this booklet honor the Lord as we “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised.” – Psalm 96:3,4.

We at EPC World Outreach are honored to serve the Church and are grateful for the opportunity to link arms together with you in helping fulfill the Great Commission, looking toward the day where we see representatives of every tongue, tribe, and nation following Jesus and worshipping before God’s throne.

Grace and peace, 
Gabriel de Guia, EPC WO Executive Director

Engage In Missions And Outreach With WO | The Reach Summer 2022

Dear friends,

As Lisa and I returned home from the recent gathering of General Assembly, we had a grateful heart of celebration. So much has grown since we became EPC World Outreach missionaries in 2012. Our role has been in the area of mobilization and the EPC has seen a steady, consistent number of new missionaries being mobilized through these years. And this is true again this year as we saw at this General Assembly at Ward Church in June! We were able to introduce and commission the newest EPC World Outreach global workers.

This General Assembly also gave its approval of World Outreach’s newest master plan. This new document will guide us these next few years in growing more depth, width and purpose in our efforts of the EPC global movement of missions.

We are also celebrating how the mobilization team has grown from more than just Lisa and I, to a competent team of US based global workers. Along with mobilizing new long-term field workers, our team has been able to develop practical, concrete ways to assist Presbyteries and local EPC Churches in engaging locally with those unreached people groups that are moving into communities all around the US. During this General Assembly, we introduced 10 unique ways World Outreach can come along side local EPC church members to help them get more engaged with missions and outreach. Four of these opportunities are coming soon, and we need your help!

Could you forward and share the following with your church members, your college students, any folks who are connecting in anyway with refugees, and with people who sense a call to missions but don’t know where to begin?

Grace and peace, 

Shawn Stewart, EPC WO Mobilization Coordinator

Upcoming Opportunities for You and Your Congregation

Afghan Refugee Cohort

The Afghan Refugee Cohort is a monthly online gathering of EPC members who have been called to welcome Afghan refugees who are resettling in their own neighborhoods. The cohort offers an opportunity to pray together, share, and collaborate. The cohort will have the change to hear and learn from global workers who have served in Afghanistan and/or have experience in refugee ministry. 


Kairos is a course that helps transform worldviews so that the believer understands God’s purpose for every cultural group in the world, including those that still have few or no churches. The course clearly demonstrates God’s love for the peoples of the world and our call to be a blessing to them. KAIROS is a nine-session course that utilizes a variety of learning methods and covers the biblical, historical, strategic, and cultural areas of mission concern. We invite you to join a KAIROS Course and encounter God’s heart for His world.

Mission Cohort

Missions Cohort is a group of like-minded college and young adults, meeting together virtually every month to connect and discern their path forward in missions. We get to know each other, pray for each other, discussion missions around the world and in our very own communities/campuses, watch some videos, connect with global workers, and visit ministry in the field.

Connecting with Your Muslim Neighbors

Connecting with Your Muslim Neighbors is a six-week online workshop. Each week, you’ll spend two hours with like-minded individuals, learning how to foster and create meaningful, ongoing relationships with Muslims in your communities. This time includes training, intentional discussion, and application. And is led by experience WO global workers.

Summer Mission Jam

Join the EPC on a one-of-a-kind mission endeavor!

What are you doing this summer? Don’t miss out an a unique mission opportunity for your high school students. Summer Mission Jam is a new, entry mission and outreach equipping conference for students, serving among Lebanese, Bangladeshi, Yemeni, Iraqi, and Pakistani peoples in America’s most diverse neighborhoods of Dearborn and Hamtramck, Michigan. 

Students will learn how to ‘bridge the gap’ with Muslims and be the fragrance of Jesus through supportive and instructive teaching and service outreach opportunities. Summer Jam starts Monday evening, July 8, and wraps up Saturday, July 13. Registration is $450 per student and includes delicious meals, comfortable accommodations, and the best missions training you can receive. 

If you already have plans for this summer, consider bringing a few student leaders to check out Summer Mission Jam for future summers (Fremont, CA in 2020 & Michigan in 2021). 

Summer Mission Jam is an amazing opportunity for churches, big and small, to invest in their students as they learn more about Muslims and how to interact in a way that is loving and beneficial for the Kingdom. This summer, step out and be a part of something new with the EPC denomination. We are positive it will impact your world and give you new ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your own communities. 

You can register and learn more about Summer Mission Jam by going to our website: or reading below!

If you know of anyone that might be interested in attending Summer Mission Jam,  we invite you to pass it along and share on social media!

Learn More about Summer Mission Jam

Meet our Speaker: Steve

Watch this video to meet Summer Mission Jam’s teacher and theologian: Steve W. Steve will be working with us and sharing from the scriptures – speaking towards a call to follow Jesus no matter the cost!

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Learn about God’s mission, how the global Church has responded, and what the greatest needs in the world of evangelization are today – and how you can be a part of God’s story as he redeems people from the nations to himself.

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