Bringing Jesus to Work | the Reach February 2021

Dear friends,

We live in a region of the world where less than 1% follow Jesus and hostility towards Christ has grown over the years. When we answered God’s call to move to this area, *Nick and I realized his business background could open doors for great kingdom impact. So, we started businesses. Our most recent business (a software development company) has made a great impact on our local community.  We run an authentic, profit-making business that follows local laws, provides employment in a safe environment, and gives us great opportunities to share Christ’s love. 
We’ve been able to create a culture of prayer and faith within the walls of our office through staff family retreats where Biblical lessons are taught, seminars where staff hear the Gospel, and Bible studies with those who are interested. The painstaking work of building a business with a solid reputation has borne fruit by giving us many strong relationships in our community, and we’ve used our profits to sponsor school scholarships, help defray medical expenses, and support a home that rescues girls from human trafficking. 
As we’ve followed the Lord here through the years, we have seen a few people come to faith in Jesus, and many others start a journey toward Him. Meiling, one of our staff members, is a good example of the latter.  With our encouragement, he has been reading the Bible for years. We (and other believers in the office) have shared God’s word and answered his many questions. Meiling says he is very close to following Jesus but … his family would oppose him and, in such a group-oriented culture, this is a huge decision. Meiling knows the gospel but isn’t quite ready to fully embrace Jesus because of the societal impact it will have on him. Please pray for Meiling.
Despite challenges over the years, God has been faithful and has given us a long-term perspective, and the encouragement of steadfast partners who faithfully give, pray, and visit us. Our business has been much more than a tool to live in our country; it has been a strategic vehicle to live out the principles of God’s kingdom and reach people with the love of Christ. 
There are many businesses around the world like ours that are looking for people to serve in this work, bringing joy and hope to places where Jesus is not yet known. Would you consider using your professional skills, along with your desire to see God’s name glorified where He is least known, by joining a business like this short or long term? A great place to start is where you are right now. Take up the Business As Mission challenge of intentionally bringing Jesus to work with you – showing and telling the gospel of God’s kingdom to your colleagues and clients.

*Names changed to for safety and security. 

By World Outreach global workers

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