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EPC World Outreach Newsletter

Fruitful Work in Kazakhstan | July 2019

Dear friends, Two EPC World Outreach church-planting teams began work in the former Soviet Union in the mid-1990s. One team planted Holy Trinity Church in southwestern Siberia. The other team planted a presbytery of churches in Kazakhstan – now known as the...

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A Great Barrier to Evangelism | June 2019

Dear friends, During my first trip to India I taught a course on the five solas of the Reformation. The national leaders who organized the event had reserved the upper room of a Catholic charity for the day and filled it with plastic lawn chairs. As I arrived early, I...

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Finding Someplace Different to Love Our Neighbors | May 2019

Dear friends, In the first year of the EPC’s existence, denominational leaders gathered in Denver to create World Outreach, and invited the foremost Presbyterian missiologist of the time, Ralph Winter, to join them. Dr. Winter’s advice – “The easy places have already...

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship | April 2019

Dear friends, The Islamic Center is located directly across the street from the library I frequent. So for two full years I had prayed for the people there and had felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to pull into the parking lot and talk to someone. And for two full...

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Musings from Syria | March 2019

Dear friends, What would it take for you to stay in Syria over the past seven years? I found myself silently asking that question…of myself…during a recent visit to Syria. I was there with the Outreach Foundation. A group that grew from Presbyterian roots and...

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Praying for Spiritual Breakthrough | February 2019

Dear friends, In 2001 the EPC had high hopes for a new project. We sent a team of EPC families led by Greg and Sally Livingstone to live and work among the 17+ million Malays of Malaysia who were without a single church reaching their own people. 13 years later the...

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Making Disciples of Jesus | January 2019

Dear friends, Imagine a country with (officially) zero churches and zero Christian citizens. The country’s laws permit the employment of foreign Christians, but don’t allow those foreign Christians to practice their faith openly. Citizens of the country can hear the...

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The Reach with World Outreach | December 2018

Dear friends, Are missionaries really necessary today? After all, as one YouTube video puts it: "Since the world is becoming a global village, Christmas is now celebrated in every part of the world!" But the worldwide spread of Christmas paraphernalia actually does...

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