We’ve been sending global workers to the nations since 1984.

World Outreach has a history of sending workers to places and peoples that have limited access to the Gospel. EPC WO global workers are committed to full cycle church planting, with the hopes of partnering with emerging national leaders, so that a movement can grow and send more workers into the harvest fields.

World Outreach is not a sending agency – we are the church; the missions’ arm of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, to be exact. EPC members join WO and go either as Direct global workers (through ITEN or E2025) or Co-op Global Workers – partnering with a sending agency, too.

Either way, both are recognized with the EPC denomination as commissioned global workers – sent from the church to the nations.

One key difference between the two is your Terms of Call (TOC). While Direct workers form their TOC with World Outreach, Co-op workers coordinate their funding through their sending agency. To that end, Co-op workers often have two administrative fees – one from WO and another from their sending agency (some co-op sending agencies provide a discount to help offset our additional fee).

So what’s the benefit in going with EPC World Outreach as a Co-op Global Worker? That’s a great question! We hope we’re able to tell you a little about those benefits here – and start that conversation with you.

If you (or someone you know) are currently serving among those with least access to the Gospel, we ask that you prayerfully consider the opportunity to experience the deep benefits and wide blessings available to World Outreach Co-op Global Workers. Connect with us to learn more.

EPC World Outreach is only a small part of God’s much larger plan to reach all the peoples of the earth. In recognition of this,¬†World Outreach partners with other compatible sending agencies to send EPC workers to make significant contributions to the goal of starting disciple-making movements among least-reached people groups.

WO currently has Cooperative Agreements with the following mission agencies:

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