World Outreach Workshop:

Connecting with Your Muslim Neighbors

Connecting with Your Muslim Neighbors is a six-week online workshop presented by EPC World Outreach. Each week, you’ll spend two hours with like-minded individuals, learning how to foster and create meaningful, ongoing relationships with Muslims in your communities or in nearby communities. This time includes training, intentional discussion, and application. 

Your Workshop Presenters

Dave and Mindy have been mobilizers for World Outreach in the Western US since 2015, having previously been in pastoral ministry with the EPC for over 25 years. Their work includes coaching World Outreach candidates, networking, resourcing churches and presbyteries, and reaching out to Muslims in their San Diego, CA community.

For two decades, Thomas and Carrie (along with their three kids) have been reaching out to Muslims and helping other Christ-followers love their neighbors well in the way for Jesus – both at home and internationally. Focusing primarily on friendship-building and Gospel proclamation, Thomas and Carrie equip others to join them in following Jesus into tough places around the world in order to share the hope found only in Jesus. They reside in North Carolina.

Mark and Mary were in pastoral ministry for 25 years and have now been in ministry to Muslims in the US for 13 years. Their ministry extends to Muslim refugees in the Middle East. Mark is an EPC teaching elder and together with Mary, they travel extensively to EPC churches to conduct Muslim outreach seminars with the goal of helping Christians gain God’s heart for Muslim people. Mark and Mary reside in Michigan.

Cost: $35.00/person

The one-time fee includes a book by a World Outreach worker, the six-week workshop, and access to workshop slides after the program is over.


Dave & Mindy Fenska |

Week One

Muslims Are Just People, Much Like You and Me – They Just Need Jesus!


Week Two

Islam: History, Beliefs, and Practices

Week Three

EPC’ers Reaching Out To Muslims in the U.S., What About Where You Live?

Week Four

How Do I Talk to a Muslim?
Conversation Starters and Cultural Do’s and Don’ts in Connecting with Our Muslim Neighbors

Week Five

Going Deeper in Connecting with Our Muslim Neighbors: Heart-to-Heart Dialogue Questions, Guidelines for Muslim-Christian Relationships

Week Six

Why Share the Gospel with Muslim People? How Can We Get to the Gospel with Muslim People?

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