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  1. They are the property of EPC/WO for use by EPC churches and individuals and cannot be edited, copied or distributed without permission.
  2. Please do not post any video to internet, websites or social media in any form.
  3. If a video is shown during worship services and/or meetings, do not allow it to be broadcast publically if your services are televised or recorded for viewing.
  4. The people or ministries in videos could be at risk without proper respect and handling of the security of the video.  We encourage you to use them to engage and inform your church but please be cautious of unauthorized usage.
  5. As an EPC church, these are YOUR missionaries. We thank you for sharing their stories with your congregation.
  6. Please be praying for all our missionaries and World Outreach workers.

See descriptions and a short preview of available videos below. To order any of these videos contact Dan Tidwell, WO Communications Coordinator, at


This video highlights the EPC response to the refugee crisis in Syria and Iraq.  The EPC is striving to answer physical needs of the refugees as well as their spiritual needs.

Video: Format is MP4 or MOV, File size is about 785 mb, Length is 5:48.


This video … description from Bruce?

Video: Format is MP4 or MOV, File size is about 635 mb, Length is 4:31.

Stories from Lebanon

This video highlights several stories as told by our workers in Lebanon.

Video: Format is MP4 or MOV, File size is about 633 mb, Length is 4:14.

The Story of Caleb

This video tells the story of Caleb, an South Asian believer and friend of WO workers, who gave his life to rescue Muslim strangers. 

Video: Format is MP4 or MOV, File size is about 549 mb, Length is 3:49.

The Philemon Stories

This video visits the Philemon Project in Lebanon and relates stories from mothers that are not only helped by the project but find their lives changed because of it.

Video: Format is MP4 or MOV, File size is about 819 mb, Length is 5:17.

The 2016 Lebanon Medical Mission Trip

This video is an overview of the Central South/Gulf South Presbyteries’ trip to provide physical/medical aid and spiritual encouragement to the Syrian refugees in Beirut, Lebanon 

Video: Format is MP4. File size is about 2.54 gb, Length is 10 minutes.

These videos are considered safe for general use. Click on the title for a YouTube or Vimeo link to watch video.
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