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Extraordinary Prayer for Breakthrough Among the Malay

The Need:

  • 17+ million Malays in Malaysia without a single church making disciples and reaching their own people — one of the largest unreached peoples of the world.
  • 15 years of full-cycle church planting by the EPC/World Outreach/Engage 2025 has yielded little fruit.

The Prayer Requests:

  • A Malay disciple-making movement would spread throughout the entire country within the next five years (2021).
  • The governmental leaders of Malaysia would be blessed with wisdom and courage to promote peace and the spread of the gospel (I Tim. 2:1-4).
  • Our EPC Engage 2025 team and all other Malay-focused workers would speak the Gospel with all boldness, and the Lord would stretch out His hand to do signs and wonders pointing people to Christ (Acts 4:29-30).
  • The Church in Malaysia (made up of minorities from Chinese, Indian and Tribal races) would pray for the Malay (majority race) and witness to them.

Your Commitment to Pray is Coveted

If you will make a commitment to pray at least weekly for a spiritual breakthrough among the Malay, please go to and sign up for the Missionary Prayer Network (MPN) through the form provided and check the box that says you will commit to pray for the Extraordinary Prayer for Malay Initiative. In addition to regular EPC Engage 2025 team prayer requests, you will receive regular prayer requests on how to pray for the Malay.
You will be sent information on signing-up once you register online.
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