Go with WO


Have you ever:

  • Thought of “going” before and your heart skips a beat?
  • Felt a burden for using your life to help reach a community where FEW Jesus followers have lived?
  • Put off seriously talking with others about leaving the US for a new place to witness among others.

If so, we invite you to join in this 90-minute webinar to learn what following nudges like this may mean! You may be surprised… you are NOT the only one!

We’ll confirm that the need for some to “go” is real, introduce you to someone who has been where you are and is go glad they “went,” and share how EPC World Outreach walks with each covenant son or daughter who takes that bold step to go.

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Go with WO Webinar Dates

February 25
7 pm (EST)

April 22
8 pm (EST)


Shawn Stewart
Mobilization Coordinator

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