World Outreach steps to the mission field is a relational process. It is with you, your local church, our denominational World Outreach committee, our WO field team or one of many partnered sending agencies. So the steps below are a general overview of what this relational process looks like:

God draws each of us, uniquely into mission, and though it is different for everyone; with WO, it often goes something like this:


  1. It usually starts with a nudge. Something in us or someone in our church speaks to our heart that we need to join those who are “going!”
  2. A connection with World Outreach is made and begins with a “Get Started” form, a simple, online form to help start a conversation with you.
  3. Have a conversation with one of our World Outreach Mobilizers. We’ll try to have a face to face or Skype time to learn more about one another and get an overview about World Outreach and possible opportunities.
  4. Be invited to apply with World Outreach. Fill out our longer application and line up counseling and testing materials to prepare you for an interview by the Personnel Committee.
  5. Interview with the World Outreach Personnel Committee. Once you are approved, you are a World Outreach candidate who can begin discerning and clarifying where and what field you are being called to. Cultural and field assessments begin by both the home office and field teams.
  6. Interview with the World Outreach Committee. When completion of interview with the World Outreach Committee you are now an EPC World Outreach missionary appointee, able to begin building your support team and completing field requirements.
  7. Commissioning at General Assembly. General Assembly is an annual national gathering of Evangelical Presbyterian leaders. Final items needed will be full support pledged, departure information needed by the home office, team coordinator and field team. Once these are done, you are ready to …
  8. GO!
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