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Explore Your Missions Involvement

Encounter World Outreach is for all who are interested in missions. This two day event is often held in conjunction with a Presbytery meeting. You are able to travel with your church leaders, and while they attend to church business, you can learn more about World Outreach.

For those considering becoming a missionary, we’ll cover:

  • What is it like to be a missionary?
  • How do I know if God is calling me?
  • What are common obstacles to pursuing missions?
  • What are the options for going out with EPC World Outreach or being on a Home Team?
  • What are the options for going out with another agency?

For churches considering working more with EPC World Outreach, we’ll cover:

  • What is the mission focus of EPC World Outreach?
  • What is Engage2025 and ITEN?
  • What are Presbytery Home teams?
  • What can our church do with EPC World Outreach?


Presbytery of the Rivers and Lakes

Edgington Evangelical Presbyterian Church
January 24-25, 2020
Taylor Ridge, IL | Church Address

Presbytery of the Southeast

Brainerd Presbyterian Church
January 31 – February 1, 2020
Chattanooga, TN | Church Address

Cost: $25

Meals and Hotel are not included; our hope is that your church will help cover that for you. 


  • That each of you will travel to the Encounter with your
    Pastor and Elders who are attending Presbytery in the same location.
  • That your church will bring others like you, and that you
    might even suggest who that might be.
  • That your hotel and travel meal will be covered by your
    church, and even the $25 cost.
  • That you will discover that when you do take a step of
    faith and GO, you will know you will not be alone.
  • That once you leave Encounter, you will be inspired to
    be more involved in missions locally and internationally.


  • What does this $25 fee cover?
    Presbytery cost and materials and it is paid to the host church.
  • What can I expect?
    An inspiring 2 days with EPC missionaries and mobilizers.
    Wear comfortable clothes and bring a Bible and notebook.
  • Is childcare provided?
    No, childcare is not provided.
  • Is this part of the Presbytery meeting?
    No, we meet during Presbytery but in same church.

Typical Encounter Event Schedule


  • Registration
  • Pre-Presbytery Encounter: Why the EPC launched World Outreach
  • Calling: To join in the greatest rescue mission ever
  • Engage 2025 & Home Teams: How this happens!
  • Missionary Connection: Hearing from our field
  • Co-op and WO Direct tracks / How can God use my vocation and talents?
  • Training for Missionaries: How to be better
  • Support raising and team building
  • Dinner and Worship with Presbytery


  • Morning coffee and fellowship
  • Welcome: Listening to the Father’s heart for those beyond the sound of the Gospel
  • Resourcing Missions: Member care, Prayer Network, IBAM, Medical and Muslim Ministries
  • Engage 2025 Home Team role with Field Team
  • Steps to the field
  • Obstacles: Some are legit, most are not!
  • Challenge and Response: A life well lived
  • Adjournment as Presbytery adjourns
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