Click any of the names below for more information about an individual worker, or to support their ministry with a financial gift. For security reasons, only initials of the workers’ first names are listed.

An (Fund 624)

An teaches English as a second language and works with students and adults in East Asia.

Ag (Fund 917)
Ag is a recent appointee with EPC World Outreach; she will be in full-time ministry in the East Asia and Pacific region.

D and D (Fund 087)
D and D coach church leaders, and resource women for wholistic ministry. Their work, under a co-op agreement with OC International, equips church leaders across the region to develop robust church planting partnerships.

D and H (Fund 623)

D and H are recent appointees with World Outreach. In cooperation with RTJA, they will serve on a church planting team in the unreached, rural areas.

D and L (Fund 253)
By providing health care and educational services to a community with little access to the gospel, D and L build relationships in which to share the gospel. They serve under a co-op agreement.

D and W (Fund 234)
D and W work in an international counseling center in the East Asia region. D provides family, couples, and individual counseling for cross-cultural workers. W is a spiritual director and helps cross-cultural workers grow in their intimacy with God. They both conduct men’s and women’s retreats, marriage retreats, rest and renewal retreats, and conflic resolution training for nationals and expats. They serve under a co-op agreement with Pioneers.

J and A (Fund 277)

As members of a WO Engage 2025 church-planting team, J and A engage in strategic prayer, share the gospel with their extensive network of neighbors and friends, and invite inquirers to discover God through bible study.

J and D (Fund 200)
J and D serve under Pioneers as Regional Leaders of the SAMSEA Region (South Asia/Mainland Southeast Asia). In this role they encourage and strengthen teams and servant-leaders, to keep everyone moving in the direction God calls.

J and L (Fund 206)
As business professionals, J and L lead a large WO Engage 2025 church-planting team.

M and T (Fund 311)
M and T lead a WO Engage 2025 church-planting team. They pray, build relationships, serve, and share the gospel with neighbors. They also serve workers throughout their country as language acquisition coaches.

Pa (Fund 258)
Pa’s skills and experience make her a sought-after coach to business people, which opens opportunities for encouragement and training of believers. She serves under a co-op agreement with UWM.

Se and An (Fund 214)
Se and An lead a WO Engage 2025 church-planting team which provides employment, economic development, and abundant opportunities to hear and understand the gospel to Muslim communities which have had little access to the gospel. They serve under a co-op agreement with Pioneers.



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