Mark V.

World Outreach U.S. Muslim Outreach Coach


An ordained EPC Teaching Elder, Mark spent 25 years in pastoral ministry but also sensed a calling to missions and went on many mission trips. In 2006, Mark and Mary attended a conference in Dearborn, Michigan on reaching Muslims and the missions calling became specific.  Resigning from the pastorate, they jumped headfirst into building bridges with Muslims. Now Mark and MJ go wherever Muslims are in their area – university campuses, restaurants, gas stations, fruit and vegetable markets, homes, barber shops, and mosques – along with numerous trips to the Middle East. They speak in churches everywhere to educate, equip, and energize Christians to gain God’s great heart for Muslims and reach out to them with the compassion of Jesus.  Mark and Mary would love to come to your church with their Muslim outreach seminar called, “Bridging the Gap” !

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