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Bob and Nancy (Fund 355)
Bob and Nancy are recent appointees with EPC World Outreach.

Brad and Michele (Fund 602)
Brad and Michele are recent appointees with EPC World Outreach; they will be will be serving with World Outreach by connecting EPC congregants to WO workers through strategic short-term mission trips.

Bruce and Ellie (Fund 265)
Bruce and Ellie are based in Virginia. Bruce is a theological specialist with ITEN and he is also the President of the Institute for Reformation (IFR) with particular expertise and involvement in Belarus.

Chris and Debbie (Fund 224)
Based in Nashville and Budapest, Chris and Debbie are WO’s Member Care Coordinators overseeing pastoral care and counseling for World Outreach workers around the globe.

Dave and Mindy (Fund 337)
Dave and Mindy base in Southern California and serve as WO’s West Area Associates for Mission Advancement assisting individuals, churches, and presbyteries to fruitfully engage in church planting among people with least access to the gospel.

Ed and Nan (Fund 342)
From their base in Arizona, Ed and Nan serve as WO as International Theological Education Network (ITEN) Associate Coordinator (Ed) and Senior Child Safety Officer (Nan).

Greg and Karen (Fund 318)
From their base in Ohio, Greg and Karen serve as WO’s Muslim Field Coordinators, providing coaching support and encouragement to all WO workers in the Muslim World. All WO Engage 2025 Team Leaders report directly to Karen and Greg.

John and Carlene (Fund 090)
John and Carlene base in California, but focus their attention on a WO Engage 2025 church planting team in SE Asia. John works to develop viable business platforms which support church planting among Muslim Unreached People Groups.

Mark and Mary Jane (Fund 320)
Mark and Mary Jane serve as WO’s Central Area Associates for Missions Advancement, and US Muslim Ministry Coaches. From their base in Michigan they equip and energize Christians to reach out to their Muslim immigrants, international student, and refugee neighbors.

Mike and Stephanie (Fund 325)
Mike, the Director of ITEN, and Stephanie, an Educational Consultant with ITEN, are based in WA. Mike travels internationally from their base engaging in teaching, training, and equipping church leaders through theological education.



Paul and Elizabeth (Fund 212)
Based in Guatemala, Paul and Elizabeth serve under WO ITEN. Paul is the General Secretary of the Latin American Association of Evangelical Theological Education, and professor at SETECA (the Central American Theological Seminary). Elizabeth leads a ministry to at-risk children.

Phil and Diane (Fund 229)
From their base in Virginia, Phil and Diane serve as WO’s East Area Associates for Missions Advancement, and Missionary Prayer Coordinators.

Randy and Martha (Fund 209)
Randy and Martha bring decades of pioneer church planting experience in SE Asia to their role as WO’s Training and Development Coordinators. They ensure that all newly appointed WO workers receive training needed to carry out their ministries.

Rob and Iris (Fund 095)
Based in Massachusetts, Rob assists and advises presbyteries, churches, teams and individuals on ministry among Muslims, and serves as WO’s Northeast Area Associate for Mission Advancement. Iris is project leader for a Central Asian Language Bible translation project and exegetical checker for the New Testament. They serve under a co-op agreement with Frontiers.

Robert and Joyce (Fund 125)
Rev. Dr. Robert and Joyce Hamd are the Co-Executive Directors of The Philemon Project, and its GROW Early Childhood Development Center located in Beirut, Lebanon. Robert is one of the founders of The Philemon Project, which started in 2013. He and Joyce have been EPC World Outreach missionaries since 1994. They have served in Jordan, France and Lebanon. Robert and Joyce split their time between Beirut and Washington, DC.

Sh and An (Fund 612)
Sh and An care for the needs of their Muslim friends and neighbors in metro Detroit and South Asia, sharing the gospel, and starting house churches. They also lead teams caring for a refugee community in South Asia.

Saul and Jesse (Fund 513)
Saul and Jesse serve WO as Mobilizers from their base in Southern Illinois.

Shawn and Lisa (Fund 305)                                                                                        Shawn and Lisa are based in North Carolina and serve on the global level with EPC World Outreach as Coordinator of Field Development and Co-op Liaison. After 10 years of leading the mobilization and church engagement efforts, he and Lisa will now serve to assist WO in finding field placements for emerging new long-term global workers among peoples with least access to the gospel. They will also help champion the efforts of the WO co-op global workers who serve among many unreached people groups all around the world.

Stephen and Belinda (Fund 195)
Stephen and Belinda divide their time between their home in Michigan and the European Training Center (ETC) in Spain. As Directors of the ETC, Stephen and Belinda oversee training courses for church leaders coming from Muslim backgrounds, and lead teams of ETC students in outreach to Muslim immigrants and refugees.

Tim and Karen (Fund 088)
Tim and Karen serve through a co-op agreement with SEND International, reaching out to Muslims in the Detroit area, as well as in a support role for the finance department for SEND’s International Office.

Thomas and Carrie (Fund 614)
Thomas and Carrie help churches love their neighbors well in the way of Jesus, both at home and internationally. Focusing on gospel proclamation and disciple making, Thomas and Carrie equip others to join them in following Jesus into tough places around the world to share the hope found only in the Good News of Jesus.

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