U.S. Muslim Outreach

As you know, Muslims are coming to America – to big cities and even to smaller towns. They come as immigrants who pay their own way to find a better life. They come as international students to our college campuses for a better education. And they come as refugees attempting to escape life threatening danger from extremists. The question is, how are we going to respond to this great influx of Muslims into America?

Will we be like Jonah? Will we run. . .hide. . .and hate. . .as he did?

So many Christians in our churches are much like Jonah: either angry or afraid of Muslims, especially since 9/11, and also since the recent rise of ISIS. Almost every night we see something on cable news about radical Islam and these stories are not just coming from the Middle East. They originate from places like Australia, France, Denmark, Canada, and now even within our own country. These events trigger fear and anger as our natural responses to Muslims.

But there is another question: as Muslims come to America, will we be like Jonah or. . .will we be like Jesus? Will we be like the One who came to seek and to save that which is lost?

At EPC World Outreach, we believe we have to be ready for the multitudes of Muslims who are coming to our homeland. We need to be informed. And we need to have God’s heart for them. We have an excellent weekend seminar called “Bridging the Gap” which is specifically designed to help your church learn about Islam and how to reach out to Muslims in your community. We also have a list of helpful, practical resources regarding outreach to Muslims: books, websites, articles, and contacts with other U.S. Muslim ministries. We also have a team of EPC World Outreach people (stateside missionaries) who can coach and mentor you in U.S. Muslim outreach right where you live.

If you want your church to “bridge the gap” from being angry or afraid of Muslims to being compassionate, confident, and courageous witnesses, let us help you love them.

For more information, contact World Outreach.

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