Medical Missions

Through World Outreach Medical Missions, we want to see the EPC medical community united and connected with opportunities to serve short-term and long-term throughout the world.


Our Mission is to access the healthcare expertise within the EPC to glorify God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing the EPC with health professionals to support and staff short-term medical missions, assist EPC World Outreach by providing medical guidance and care to field missionary families and assist long-term medical missionaries with expertise in planning, development and operation of international medical missions.



The Evangelical Presbyterian Church has scores of members with expertise in healthcare. Many of these members have a heart for missionaries and missions, but have not been given an opportunity to contribute. Our Vision for World Outreach Medical Missions is to access the healthcare expertise within the EPC by developing a database of medical, dental and allied health professionals. These
members will be offered opportunities to assist with our three-fold purpose:

  1. Short-term Medical Missions: be available to plan and staff short-term medical missions for EPC churches, presbyteries, World Outreach or our approved Mission Agencies.
  2. Member Care: make experts in all facets of healthcare available to our missionary families on the field through direct or digital contact for questions, consults and care.
  3. Long-term Medical Mission Expertise: assist long-term medical missionaries in planning, development, supply and operation of their clinics or hospitals.

We want to see the EPC healthcare community united and connected with opportunities to serve our missionaries with their expertise whether they stay at home or travel abroad.


EPC churches, presbyteries, World Outreach and our EPC-approved Mission Agencies provide a number of short-term medical mission opportunities each year, but securing volunteers to serve has proven challenging at times. If you are a medical, dental or allied health professional with a heart to assist missionaries or serve on mission trips as God leads, would you take a few moments to let us know by entering your information into our database? Even if you can’t go on medical missions, your expertise is needed in the care of our missionaries and for guidance in making short and long-term medical missions successful.

The database gives us information about EPC healthcare experts. When a need arises and is transmitted to the Medical Missions Coordinator, he will send out a general or limited e-mail message to request assistance or offer opportunities to serve. Signing up on the database is quick and easy. There is no obligation after signing up on the database. We will be happy to remove your name at any time. Names and information from the database will only be accessible by EPC World Outreach leadership and the Medical Missions Coordinator. Information from the database will not be shared with outside sources. Contact through the database will only come from the Medical Missions Coordinator. Any requests for information disbursement through the database should be sent to the MedicalĀ  Missions Coordinator for approval and disbursement.

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Purpose of A Medical Missions Personnel Database

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