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Click any of the names below for more information about an individual worker, or to support their ministry with a financial gift. For security reasons, only initials of the workers’ first names are listed.

A and S (Fund 343)
A and S partner with churches to evangelize and disciple Muslim refugees.

B and N (Fund 309)
B and N serve under a co-op agreement with Interserve, training doctors, mentoring other faculty, and using every opportunity to share the gospel.

B and R (Fund 324)
B and R have developed deep relationships in a Muslim minority group in Europe and are working to start a disciple-making movement among them.

Ch and Ki (Fund 245)
From their base in Scotland, Ch and Ki are Europe Regional Directors for United World Mission, working to establish a community which will mobilize European Christians in carrying out the Great Commission.

Co and Kr (Fund 254)
Co and Kr lead a team which develops technology-based evangelism and discipleship tools, under a co-op agreement with GEM.

Da and Me (Fund 333)
Da and Me are helping a Muslim community grow physically, educationally and economically, in ways that facilitate sharing the gospel and growing in Christ. They serve under a co-op agreement with Interserve.

Engage 2025 Eurasia Team (Fund 326)
These global workers lead an Engage 2025 Church Planting Team among a Muslim unreached people group.

J and N (Fund 236)
J and N serve a recently planted church and its associated ministries, giving particular emphasis to the areas of evangelism and discipleship. They serve under a co-op agreement with Footprints.

J and V (Fund 260)
J and V serve on the staff of a private K-9 Christian school. Relationships developed through the school provide opportunities for evangelism, discipleship and mercy ministries. J and V serve under a co-op agreement with Teach Beyond.

Po (Fund 512)
Po carries out evangelism, discipleship and church planting in a Muslim-majority city, under a co-op agreement with OM.

R and E (Fund 352)
R and E are recent appointees with EPC World Outreach.

Sc and Co (Fund 415)
Sc and Co serve under a co-op agreement with Serge, and are part of a church-planting team in an immigrant Muslim community in the United Kingdom.

St (Fund 340)
St is an International Theological Education Specialist serving under a co-op agreement with SERGE. Based in Dublin, S travels to Africa, Asia, and elsewhere in Europe to teach in theological seminaries, help them develop programs, and strengthen partnerships.

T and P (Fund 905)
T and P serve on a WO Engage 2025 team, planting churches among a Muslim unreached people group.

Ti and Ki (Fund 202)
Ti and Ki developed expertise in starting businesses to benefit communities and build relationships in which to share the gospel. They serve under a co-op agreement with Pioneers planting churches among Muslim peoples with least access to the gospel.

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