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What it takes to complete the TAG Internship

It takes a passion for Jesus, a passion for His Kingdom and a passion for going.

It also takes a commitment not only to learning, but to doing. This is a fundamental aspect of the TAG Internship. Getting a sense for living overseas among a people group that has not been reached is a unique experience. The goal of the training is to simulate this foreign environment as closely as possible.

Immersing yourself in the culture

In order to benefit, interns must immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the city where they will live, engaging unbelievers in conversation, and developing friendships with the locals. This is why a New Testament community church structure is so important, and why learning to tell Jesus stories in everyday conversation is a necessity.

One evening each week, interns spend 3-4 hours eating together, discussing assigned readings, checking Jesus stories learned, questioning and challenging each other, hearing updates on recent interactions with unreached neighbors, praying together and more.


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