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The WO-US Team members raise their own financial support in order to recruit, counsel, coach, and train our workers around the world.


Rev. Bruce Anderson

ITEN Coordinator


Rob A. *

Muslim Ministry Advisor


Rev. Dave and Mindy Fenska *

Western Associates


Rev. Chris and Debbie Gibson

Member Care Coordinators


Greg and Karen K.

Muslim Field Coordinators


Rev. Greg Livingstone *

Senior Associate


John M.

IBAM Coordinator


Shawn Stewart *

Mobilization Coordinator


Rev. Phil Thrash *

Eastern Associate


Dan Tidwell

Communications Coordinator


Rev. Mark and Mary V. *

Central Associates


Rev. Stephen Woodworth

ITEN Associate Coordinator


*Indicates member of the Mobilization Team

Name in red indicates linked to personal information




Erin Rhoden

Church Liaison, World Outreach


Michelle Tipton

Missionary Liaison, World Outreach


Catherine Rutter

Finance Assistant, World Outreach


Jason Dunn

Associate Director, World Outreach


Rev. Phil Linton

Director, World Outreach




EPC World Outreach

5850 T. G. Lee Blvd.

Suite 510

Orlando, FL 32822


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